Referral Agents

How can you get referred to our services?
By asking an authorised member of one of the following to write a supporting letter to the Furniture Scheme:
Social Services
Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB)
Organisations working with the homeless (e.g., RBMIND, SPEAR)
Housing Department and Housing Associations
Charities such as Hampton Fuel Allotment Charity,  Richmond Parish Lands Charity and Barnes Workhouse Fund
Organisations working with people with mental health problems
Organisations working with the elderly
Hospital and health workers
Anyone who officially works with people in need
What is needed from referral agents?
If you are working in an official capacity with people in need, all you need to do is phone the Furniture Scheme and ask if you can refer your client.
If we agree that you can become a referral agent all you need to do is fill in a referral form and send it to us (the Furniture Scheme).
If a third party is paying, you must let us know: who they are; contact details; the maximum amount that can be spent.
Please complete the following form:
Referral form Microsoft Word version click here.
The referral agent must tell the person they are introducing that they need to bring in a referral letter to qualify for the lower prices.
If you have used our services and have any comments please take the time to fill in ourquestionairre here.