Furniture We Need

We need furniture in good condition.  Sorry, we are unable to accept electricals, white goods, mattresses or divan beds.  We do however, take ordinary beds.
We urgently need the following items:
  • ♦ Wardrobes
  • ♦ Chest of drawers
  • ♦ Sofas
We also accept: ♦ tables ♦ chairs ♦ settees ♦ bedside-cabinets ♦ book shelves ♦ desks  ♦ good quality curtains ♦ bric-a-brac. If we have a surplus of any of these items we will not be able to accept them, due to space in our warehouse.
All soft furnishings must have:
  • ♦ the required fire resistant labels
  • ♦ be in good condition (not permanently stained, torn or damaged)