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We protect and preserve the environment through reuse and recycling and have recently initiated a new upcycling venture, which we have called "Carousel".
As you may know, upcycling involves the conversion of waste material of objects of little use into new materials or products of higher quality.  Carousel is currently managed by Dale Robinson, who has significant experience and ability in upcycling. See pictures below of Dale and Mandy sand papering furniture in readiness for a lick of paint.
Carousel has already produced many items, such as furniture, toys, and ornaments from donated furniture or materials which the Scheme would have otherwise discarded because they were of no value or were unrepairable.
Against this background, we are exploring the scope for Carousel to provide some tuition opportunities both for interested adult students and for local school students, as a means of widening their education  and benefiting the charity.  We are of the view that the skills involved in upcycling could readily be aligned to GCSE or A Level Art and Design/Technology coursework, as well as  environmental studies, and would give students the opportunity of  working outside the school environment.  As you may be aware, the RFS is  already well versed in providing training and work experience for  students from The London Borough of Richmond at its premises in Fortescue Avenue,  Twickenham.


Dale sand papering a cabinet to be upcycled.


Mandy sandpapering another masterpiece!